Scott Ganske is the founder of Students Lead International, the organization that recognizes student leaders who make a difference in their community. Scott has been actively involved in student leadership programs for the past 15 years as a teacher, consultant, and non-profit administrator. As a nationally and internationally recognized trainer, Scott has experience leading workshops and creating student programs all over the US and around the world. 


After conducting hundreds of site visits across the globe, and leading youth-based programs in schools, Scott noticed that it was difficult to identify quality examples of students who are making a difference in different countries. This led to the creation of Students Lead International.


In addition to Scott’s work at Students Lead International, he also serves as the Vice President of Partnerships at Youth Service America. Additionally, he serves as a founding board member for the Girls Global Academy in Washington, DC as well as the P20 CONNECTS Leadership Team at Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic. Scott holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a B.A. in Education, both from Arizona State University.

Scott Ganske, Founder