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Tentative Schedule 2023-2024

Our goal is to make sure that we are accessible as much as possible via virtual meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. Our typical schedule is flexible, with summer hours from June to August (e.g., 8 am to 5 pm US Eastern Time) and back-to-school hours from September to December (e.g., before school, after school times). Times may vary for international students. Sessions will depend on each participant's needs/availability. 


  • Meet your fellow youth leaders. Talk about goal setting, and learn more about your colleagues and your LEAD coach


  • Complete a self-assessment to determine your strengths or areas for growth

  • Identify a specific issue that you are passionate about

  • Research experts and organizations who are already addressing the issue


  • Collaborate and offer opportunities for others to contribute and highlight their strengths

  • Reach out to experts and organizations who can provide guidance and support


  • Implement an awareness, direct service, advocacy, or philanthropy-based project that addresses the issue you're most passionate about

  • Measure specific outcomes that will be used to assess impact


  • Showcase your impact in the community and the growth that you've made as an individual

  • Discuss ways that you can sustain your project and offer other students leadership opportunities

Next Steps

  • Strategize as to how you can present your accomplishments in a professional setting

  • Set short and mid-term goals for continuing your project

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