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Name: Justin

Age: 16

City: Seoul

Country: South Korea

Issue: Poverty

Justin Chang (16, Seoul, South Korea) is a passionate mountain climber dedicated to serving those in need. His love for outdoor activities motivated him to become part of a mountain climbing expedition to Indian Himalayas. During the expedition, he visited Nepal for the first time, and after coming back to Korea, founded a non-profit called Hope for Nepal that raises funds to tackle childhood poverty in the region.


Travel to Nepal opened Justin’s eyes to the challenges kids in Nepal face on a daily basis. The majority of Nepalese kids, even more severely affected by the 2015 earthquake, lack basic necessities such as school supplies, clothes, and hygiene items. To combat the issue, Justin organized a fundraising campaign in Korea by selling cards with photographs of Nepal that he took during his trip. Through these initiatives, he and his classmates were able to raise $5,000 to support victims of the earthquake and to make a difference in the lives of Nepalese kids. Justin continues to raise awareness about the beautiful nature of Nepal through sharing his personal experiences from his trips. All the donations he raises go directly to schools and organizations supporting Nepalese people living in poverty in remote and far-flung areas.


Besides continuous fundraising campaigns for Hope for Nepal, Justin holds promotional talks at Seoul International School, sharing his travel experience and emphasizing the importance of compassion for those in need. He wants Project Hope for Nepal to be an on-going initiative that continues to fight poverty in Nepal and give hope to Nepalese kids for a better future. His next goal is to supply the local school hit by the earthquake in Nepal with basic supplies and educational toys.

  • Experts 1
    Katie Zach Goldman, Lead Evaluator Katie Reusch, Partnerships Expert
  • Experts 2
    Carla Friedman, Youth Expert
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