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Name: Christopher

Age: 17

City: Greensburg

State: United States

Country: United States

Issue: Oceans

Christopher Potter (17, Greensburg, Pennsylvania) is passionate about saving the planet and considers himself a true nature lover. He has focused his work on helping save the Loggerhead Turtles as they are considered an endangered species. Not only did he join the Turtle Patrol, but he also developed an awareness, prevention, and survival program with the aim of creating awareness around the near extinction of the turtles and the importance of ocean life conservation.


His interest in these turtles has deepened throughout the years as his work intensified. Christopher was first introduced to the turtles by watching the hatchlings as they were escorted to the ocean by members of the Turtle Patrol and he has researched and written numerous papers about the turtle habitat, diet, reproduction habits and the threats they face.


Christopher, along with his sisters, have been giving up most of their summer vacation time to help save the Loggerhead Turtles in numerous ways; working on the Turtle Patrol, preparing signs to alert islanders on how they can help turtles, picking up garbage daily, preparing posters to remind beach visitors that garbage is dangerous to their natural habitat, putting enough accessible trash cans at the beach, etc. Additionally, he has appeared before the Town Council to discuss the serious problem of losing these prehistoric animals and how the community can help preserve them – getting members to agree to help.


During this summer, he will be working with fishermen to develop an awareness program on the dangers of nets and hooks and what to do to save the turtles. His work goes far and beyond: he has put together a list of dangerous chemicals that hurt all Earth’s living creatures including suggestions for alternative biodegradable solutions.


Cristopher’s effort and hard work on helping to save the turtles and preserving Ocean Life has been effective after many hours of service. He has been instrumental in obtaining numerous volunteers to clean up the beaches and to simply be aware of the need to be an active participant. Hundreds of turtles have been saved as a result of Christopher’s work, but even more people have become aware of the need to preserve the Loggerhead Turtles and have taken action on their own. He is an advocate and has turned indifferent individuals into advocates as well.

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