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Name: Alix

Age: 17

City: Silver Spring

State: Maryland

Country: United States 

Issue: Sustainability

Alix Swann (17, Silver Spring, Maryland) has a passion for issues affecting women and girls, poverty, racial inequity, climate change and health. She believes deeply in equity and justice for all. Alix creates documentaries and puts together community engagement initiatives that work toward finding solutions to attaining equity. Her goal is simple: to change the world.


Although Alix is only a high school senior, it has not stopped her from leading youth and peers toward lasting change. At her high school, Alix is part of the Communications Arts Program (CAP), and along with two classmates, Alix formed a group called Black CAP to support the needs of black students. The group visits middle schools and encourages ethnic minority enrollment in the CAP program, which is significantly underrepresented given the population. She has presented this program to the Montgomery County Public Schools Board, with the potential of implementing it in other schools. Alix is also a member of the student engagement affinity group for My Brothers Keeper. She has given testimonies at county-wide events on the impact of racial inequity and economic deprivation and has proposed solutions from a youth perspective. While Alix’s interests may seem broad, for her, it is about doing what is right for all.


Alix is the model for community engagement. For her it’s not just about leading, it’s about collaborating. Alix is her school’s Student Government Association president and serves as a student board member for Girl Scouts of The Nation’s Capital. For her Girl Scout Gold Award, Alix produced a documentary called, To Protect And Serve, which focused police accountability and connecting youth to police. Upon completion of the documentary, she gathered a panel of law enforcement officers and community leaders to create positive engagement in a safe space and have honest dialogue on all sides. In addition, Alix is a member of the Gandhi Brigade and City at Peace, has received awards for her documentary work on climate change and a review of the judicial system from C-SPAN.


Alix is thoughtful about every cause and activity that she undertakes. While Alix is not always the loudest voice in the room, the impact of her actions speaks volumes, and she is seen as a role model in her community for both youth and adults. Alix’s work takes perseverance, as lasting change often comes in small, incremental steps, and she is tireless in her commitment to community and equity for all.

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